Coming With Carrot Sabers To A Galaxy Near You...

Milbo Productions Presents CARROT WARS

                                                                 Available now on DVD
                                                             Just in time for the winter holidays!
                                            THOSE LOVEABLE, FURRY GUINEA PIG STARS ARE BACK!
The lovely Princess Lettuce, evil Dark Vapor and good guys Duke StraWalker, Hokey One Spumoni, and Hand So-So all strut their stuff on the Planet of Lettuce in this rollicking spoof of STAR WARS, starring guinea pigs.

You may have watched one of teenager Alyssa Buecker's first four award-winning guinea pig movies on the HBO Family Channel or Nickelodeon, seen clips of her flicks on Animal Planet, Montel Williams show or PBS, or discovered one of her stars in PEOPLE magazine. Now you can order CARROT WARS, originally commissioned by HBO, yourself! Send a check or money order (made out to "Nancy Pistorius") for $12.99 (each DVD) plus $6.80 (for Priority Mail postage within the US) to Milbo Productions, P.O. Box 3950, Lawrence, KS  66046-0950. Please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. For your convenience, we also accept credit card and debit card payments via PayPal. The PayPal account is Customers outside the US can pay $18.94 for the DVD and postage through the PayPal account. Be sure to pay in US dollars (not pounds, euros, etc.) or you'll be paying way too much.

(Sorry, guinea pigs not included!)

Here's a clip (the quality is much better on our DVDs) and one without sound.

Come meet Onion Ring, one of the guinea pig movie stars, and vote for him to be Critter of the Day!

You can see more photos here.

Alyssa recently was a keynote speaker at the Space Center Houston/NASA's Homeschool Day.

Please write or email ( if you have any questions.

May the FARCE be with you!   

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