Coming With Carrot Sabers To A Galaxy Near You...

Milbo Productions Presents CARROT WARS
Hooray for Hollywood

Alyssa made an appearance at DreamWorks Animation Studios in Glendale, California for the screening of CARROT WARS at a film festival. Ed Asner (whom she'd already met back in Kansas) was there to see her movie, and give her encouragement.

CARROT WARS was selected for screening at a number of different film festivals, including the Brooklyn Arts Council's 34th International Film and Video Festival in New York City, and the Sacramento Film Festival.

Alyssa's original three award-winning guinea pig movies (made when she was aged 11, 12 & 13 and packaged together as the "Guinea Pig Trilogy") were screened at the Sony/American Film Institute Festival. HBO reps saw them there, and sent out a contract to show them on the HBO Family Channel. They were such a hit that HBO then commissioned CARROT WARS.
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